Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nurses Need What Race Cars Receive to Keep Energy Up

Nurses and race cars are expected to perform their best up to the end of every game. But unlike the race cars that can get more miles further, nurses often are too exhausted to busy themselves of some other things after a shift. It’s basically the result of abusing their body, eating junks, and draining all energy up the limit without giving them enough time for full recovery.

How, then, can a nurse work the entire shift and still have high energy to party? Look into the similarities of nurses and cars and follow the 5 simple tips that will make you work like the best hotrod in town.

Race Car – Do not fill diesel engine with gasoline. An engine requires the right fuel to ensure utmost performance and mileage
Nurse – Fill it up with the right source of energy. Sugary foods, for the sake of quick energy boost, are never recommended. Just as how quick it makes the body run, it’s also how quickly the energy crashes. So stay away from donuts and cupcakes. Eat right.
Race Car – Fill in the tank with the right fuel. The right combination of chemicals in the right fuel is the main reason why the engine is able to crank up right and keep stable performance in the track.

Nurse – By having good combination of low-protein and heavily-packed carbohydrate snack, a nurse can stay energized all throughout. The carbohydrate works to bring the energy up quickly and the protein keeps it sustained so there’s no energy crashing at the latter part of the day. Eat the right foods.
Race Car – The engine can fail once drained of fuel, so don’t miss the gas station for refueling. And make sure to fill in the tank before the engine runs out of gas.

Nurse – It’s never good to eat only when you are absolutely starving, since almost all energy is already consumed by then. Eat about every 2 hours to ensure you have something to burn evenly. Make use of your break times. Eat throughout the day.
Race Car – Keep a good level of fuel. The engine takes in only enough amount of fuel in the combustion chamber

Nurse – Don’t over eat. Take in just the right amount of food for burning energy. Keep moderate meals; the rest of the supply can later on be ingested. A variety of healthy food, with vegetables being the main feature, will ensure the body keeps a balance diet.
Race Car - Allow for necessary time to restore and rebuild. A car can get overwhelmed when overused, and its parts also wear out. Subsequently, restoration and rebuilding is done to keep improve or maintain its mechanics as well as ensure optimal performance.

Nurse – Enough rest and exercise will make sure a nurse feels energized everyday. Long sleep on the week ends boost brain power, according to a recent study. You might as well try this whenever you get overwhelming week.

Fender flares, wings, or even a supercharger cannot hide any trouble in the engine, or any other vital part of the race car. The transmission system and even the brakes will surely feel the brunt. Similarly, concealers and blush ons cannot hide the exhaustion that’s written all over a nurse’s face. Even if he or she wear a fashion Cherokee scrubs or hip Dickies uniforms, the exhaustion cannot be hidden. So keep a good routine of maintenance, restoration and fueling of your body.

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