Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eat Blueberries, Fight Weight Gain

If you badly want to get back in those 2XL nurse scrubs of yours, you probably have considered enrolling in a gym and a diet plan already. But because you can’t simply squeeze in your schedule the gym thing, you first try to make your diet as healthy as possible. Perhaps, you have listed the healthiest of all veggies and fruits, calculated the amount of calories that you should consume, and cherry picked meat and dairy products that would complete your nutrition needs.

Before you head to the grocery, though, here’s one discovery that will surely interest dieters. Blueberries may help fight obesity, a recent study finds. Shiwani Moghe, a researcher from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas, found polyphenol levels may affect fat cell development among humans. The dose that would effect on people will still have to be figured out, though. But lab mice responded quite positively, and that’s promising enough.

Well, I guess you should’ve gone to the grocery already. You would have probably been able to wear your slim-fit nurse scrubs by the time the study confirms blueberries benefit on fighting obesity.