Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thousands of Doctors and Nurses to Aid Haiti Earthquake Victims

Our doctors and nurses cannot simply watch as their fellow heath care workers sleep only a very few hours in order to answer the call of duty. Dozens of doctors and nurses in the United States of America prepared themselves and the necessary medical equipments to bring aid to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. They will temporarily leave the technology-aided practice of profession in the big city to work alongside their fellow doctors and nurses in Haiti.

The current situation of Haiti as of the moment is severe and far from adequate source of electricity, high tech equipments, and even safe water. Registered nurses from across the country, numbering at about 9,200 have already packed gauze, rubber gloves and other medical supplies, and will fly to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They expect to help in areas wherein their voluntary help is needed the most.

In the aftermath of the Earthquake, Haitians are dying from contaminated water more than anything else. Situation is expected to worsen as cholera and measles would soon also strike the already ill-stricken country.

Now, more than ever, volunteer nurses and doctors are needed. The medical organizations are expecting more to enlist. We deeply thank everyone who comes in their nursing scrubs and lab coats to aid the Haitians.

LATimes mentioned in an article some of the nurses who dedicated a part of their lives to the victims of Haiti earthquake, and we also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to them.

The doctors and nurses of Los Angeles Country-USC Medical Center
Members of Southern California Nurses Association
Antelope Valley Hospital
Claudel Thamas – critical nurse
Lunie Dorcin – Nurse
Ramon Cestero – trauma and critical care surgeon, County-USC
Kimberly Adams – RN
Thousands other more

Photo of new life children's home.

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